AutoTime - Time, Attendance and Labor Solution

AutoTime is a labor management and time tracking system that enables your organization to increase operating efficiencies and reduce labor expenses by providing a set of tools to track product costs, view work-in-process, and measure employee performance.


AutoTime® - Time and Attendance

AutoTime - A powerful and intuitive tool for managing your workforce

The AutoTime solution offers real-time visibility to key metrics such as productivity, efficiency, and throughput. AutoTime is a simple yet powerful time, attendance, and labor solution designed for today’s forward thinking organizations.

Why AutoTime 7?

  • Maximizes Time and Attendance accuracy - minimize calculation errors
  • Enforces consistent application of your company's policies, government regulations, and union rules
  • Eliminates manual calculations of organizational pay rules
  • Reduces time by automating the process of generating payroll
  • Improves supervisor communication through electronic messaging
  • Automates enforcement of leave management policies
  • Speeds up employee data collection through tailored user interfaces
  • Manages contractors, part-time and temporary employees
  • Integrates with top ERP systems
  • Complies with Unicode standards


  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Compliance of government audits
  • Support for flexible schedules including 9/80
  • Productivity reporting
  • Real-time labor collection and analysis
  • Visibility of labor costs to management
  • Track work-in-process
  • Efficiency reporting



AutoTime’s Seven C’s are the key benefits to a time and attendance system that is designed to meet any company’s unique requirements:

Collect - Ensures faster, more accurate, attendance, and labor data collection by taking advantage of the latest technologies. User interfaces are optimized to minimize time away from productive activities.

Classify - Organizes hours collected into regular time, overtime, and double time in addition to managing complex schedules, enforcing attendance policies, and tracking time-off balances.

Communicate - Interfaces time and attendance data with existing Human Resource, Payroll, ERP, and other third party software systems. Additionally, employee self service makes it easy for employees to view and update essential data in real-time.

Calculate - Delivers a powerful analytics engine – go beyond simple raw figures to see the real meaning behind the data. Calculate efficiency, productivity and utilization in real time. Normalize uncompensated overtime pay rates or calculate labor standards based on current, real time data.

Comply - Provides compliance with complex regulations such as FLSA, DCAA, Sarbanes-Oxley — it automatically enforces pay rules, many of which are dictated by complex work rules or federal, state or local law.

Compare - Measures workforce productivity for constant improvements. Gain real-time analytical insight into the productivity and performance of the entire enterprise.

Correct - Promptly notifies the user of possible errors or inconsistencies in time for corrective action to be taken.



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