Kaba Workforce Solutions Announces commercial availability of B-COMM for Microsoft Dynamics AX

MIRAMAR, Florida, September 5, 2007 - Kaba Workforce Solutions, the North American operating subsidiary of publicly traded Kaba Holding AG, Switzerland (SWISS: KABN), a global provider of enterprise-class Workforce Management / Security solutions, today announced the latest version of its time and labor communications software, B-COMM for Microsoft Dynamics AX. The company has also initiated a certified reseller program for the product and will be offering certification information during the event. Kaba Workforce Solutions will be located in Hall E, booth number 207.

Microsoft’s comprehensive business management solution, Dynamics AX (formerly Microsoft Axapta), enables increased productivity through automated and streamlined financial, customer relationship, business services, human resources management, and supply chain processes. Like Microsoft Office programs and Microsoft SQL Server, Dynamics AX has a familiar working environment that lowers the technology learning curve for end-users so they may focus directly on their business goals, and so companies can build on their investments in systems and software already in use. Kaba Workforce Solutions’ B-COMM technology is designed to enhance Microsoft Dynamics AX by providing the communications link necessary for automated and validated Time and Labor data collection.

B-COMM is built on non-proprietary and open standards. As a certified communications software that links Kaba time collection and shop floor terminals to Microsoft Dynamics AX, B-COMM provides a robust bi-directional communication channel that seamlessly manages the communications stream in order to automate and validate the collection of employee data, even when Microsoft Dynamics AX is unavailable. By automating the data collection process, B-COMM offers significant increases in efficiency because time and labor information is collected, validated, and sent to Microsoft Dynamics AX in a timely and accurate manner, eliminating delays and errors, and ensuring accuracy in payroll calculations and real-time views of employee activities.

“We’re particularly pleased with our commitment of providing enterprise class front-end data collection solutions to leading ERP suppliers such as Microsoft Dynamics” commented President and Chief Executive Officer, John C. Edwards of Kaba Workforce Solutions.

Kaba Workforce Solutions’ certified resellers program will facilitate end-to-end sales and support for its customers. The reseller channel plays a critical role in sale and distribution of Kaba’s data collection terminals and B-COMM software suite. Customers will benefit by having a pre-engineered data collection solution designed specifically for Dynamics AX users.

About the Technology

B-COMM 7.0 is designed with J2EE architecture and is highly scalable, offering custom configurations specific to each Microsoft Dynamics AX customer. The technology’s JSF based, graphical presentation architecture offers a highly intuitive interface and user-friendly prompt and response operation between time and labor terminals and enterprise systems. The technology records clock-in and clock-out time stamps, breaks and meals, and job transfer times. B-COMM 7.0 can also record job transfer data with detailed task information and records elapsed time entries such as vacation time, sick day, jury duty and holidays. In addition, B-COMM supports project labor reporting against tasks, chargeable projects and expenditure types, and data continues to be collected and validated even when the enterprise system is not in operation.

Utilizing JSF and AJAX, B-COMM 7.0’s component based architecture offers a full spectrum of solutions for the simplest data collection environments to environments that use highly robust systems for workforce optimization. The technology’s modular design may be enhanced to offer additional workforce management functionality such as time and attendance, labor data reporting and labor costing.

System requirements for running B-COMM 7.0 are industry-standard components.

About Kaba Workforce Solutions

Kaba Workforce Solutions, Inc., is a subsidiary of publicly listed CHF1.2B Kaba Holding AG, Switzerland (SWISS: KABN), a global provider of enterprise workforce management and access control solutions with a focus on time and attendance, workforce scheduling, data visualization and analytics, regulatory compliance, employee self-service and fixed / mobile data collection solutions for SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle / PeopleSoft, Cincom Manufacturing Business Solutions and other leading enterprise-class business systems. Clients include such industry leaders as Kraft Foods, Schneider Electric, BMW General Electric and Goodrich Corporation, amongst others. Kaba may be contacted in North America at (954) 416-1720 or at  www.kaba-benzing-usa.com.

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