Kaba Workforce Solutions Announces Mobile Solution for SAP Time and Attendance Solution

—B-Net mobile HR and AC provides tracking and reporting via BlackBerry® devices, cellular phones, PDA’s and more—

MIRAMAR, Florida, August 31, 2007 - Kaba Workforce Solutions, the North American operating subsidiary of Kaba Holding AG, Switzerland (SWISS: KABN), the worldwide leader in enterprise workforce management systems today announced Kaba’s latest workforce management solution B-Net mobile HR, a Time and Attendance tracking technology imbedded in common mobile devices.

Kaba has developed B-Net mobile HR for companies that require a high level of flexibility, reliability, and transparency for efficient handling of mobile business processes. B-Net mobile HR is compatible with all of Kaba’s stationary time recording terminals and can also be easily integrated into new or existing time recording systems. B-Net mobile HR allows time recording via cellular phones, BlackBerry® devices or PDA’s, so every booking may be recorded in real-time at the time the action is taking place.

B-Net mobile HR provides maximum convenience and flexibility for human resources departments at companies with a labor force that includes field employees such as sales or service representatives. With this state-of-the-art workforce management technology an employee can electronically book the start and end of on-site business related activities via their mobile device and obtain information from their accounts regarding time, absences, sick days, flextime, vacation and more. The technology allows for the real-time transmission of data as soon as the mobile connection to the network operator has been established, and the data is then immediately transmitted to a central database to be processed. The use of the new solution B-Net mobile HR provides significant advantages to all companies with sales representatives, service technicians or nursing personnel.

In addition to the offering a mobile solution for Time and Attendance, the technology can also provide secure access control from the same mobile device. B-Net mobile AC is a highly secure personal identification solution that allows you to scan or use a PIN number with your mobile device. The same device that an employee uses for electronic time and attendance booking can also be used for secure access to a facility, or for short-term events such as limited construction projects, catering services and more. Access is accomplished with the input of a PIN, or via a LEGIC reader and bar code scanner.

B-Net mobile HR is designed for efficiencies that include speed, transparency, and cost reductions. The real-time architecture of this solution makes data immediately available and allows for accounting on a day-to-day basis. Attendance status, overtime information, leave days or absences are always up to date. The technology offers qualitatively better and more expedient information for a reporting system that automates HR and payroll administration.

Kaba Workforce Solutions, Inc., is a subsidiary of publicly listed CHF1.2B Kaba Holding AG, Switzerland (SWISS: KABN), a global provider of enterprise workforce management and access control solutions with a focus on time and attendance, workforce scheduling, data visualization and analytics, regulatory compliance, employee self-service and fixed / mobile data collection solutions for SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle / PeopleSoft, Cincom Manufacturing Business Solutions and other leading enterprise-class business systems. Clients include such industry leaders as Kraft Foods, Schneider Electric, BMW General Electric and Goodrich Corporation, amongst others. Kaba may be contacted in North America at (954) 416-1720 or at  www.kaba-benzing-usa.com.

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