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  • Optimizing your Data Collection with B-COMM for Oracle Time and Labor
    This overview offers a straight forward look at the range of features that B-COMM offers in this interface, coupled with the benefits that can be expected to be achieved.

  • Aberdeen - The Evolution of Time and Attendance
    This report, a compilation of survey responses from 333 organizations (representing all sizes, industries, and geographies), provides a roadmap for organizations that desire to implement or upgrade a time and attendance system. It exams the strategies of Best-In-Class companies to provide the proper automation, integration, and access to make a time and attendance system pay big dividends: from more accurate data, to increased revenue, to decreased labor costs.

  • Aberdeen - Compliance and Time and Attendance Systems
    This brief discusses the results found within Aberdeen's Group benchmark study related to compliance pressures yielding better time and attendance system investments. Changes in the market conditions, industry trends, and workforce demographics are fueling growing interest in time and attendance systems, but how aggressively an organization integrates time and attendance with other workforce management applications - and realizes bottom line results - may be driven largely by issues related to compliance.