BMW Manufacturing Corp.


B-COMM™ and SAP - a perfect fit Kaba Workforce Solutions B-COMM™ add-on adds value to SAP.

When BMW Manufacturing Corp. of Spartanburg, South Carolina, switched their time management processing system to SAP's HR module, they needed a state-of-the-art time collection solution that would interface perfectly with SAP. BMW's project team also recognized that any successful complementary solution would have to be a certified SAP partner with a quality product robust enough to handle time data collection for a diverse workforce of more than 4000 associates. That's when they turned to Kaba Workforce Solutions. With B-COMM, BMW saved time, money and enjoyed more success more quickly with its SAP system. Selecting B-COMM™ to complement SAP was easy:

  • B-COMM™ interface connected precisely with BMW's SAP module without any additional customization
  • B-COMM™ functionality exceeded BMW's expectations, allowing for better management of complex pay rules
  • B-COMM™ flexibility enabled BMW to link employee badge numbers to the SAP system
  • B-COMM™ quality ensured a smooth integration with almost no downtime
  • B-COMM™ commitment secured their place as a valued SAP partner

Kaba Workforce Solutions B-COMM™ software was the perfect complement to SAP. B-COMM, a next generation time and labor management solution met each of BMW's specifications and more.

If you'd like to learn more about how B-COMM™ or any other Kaba Workforce Solutions’s time and labor management solution can enhance your SAP system, call us.