Norvartis AG


B-COMM™ offers best overall value

For SAP direct interface

In 1999, Novartis AG in Switzerland upgraded their existing time management system to SAP R/3. Soon thereafter, the system management team identified a need to add a data collection application and network that would work seamlessly with SAP.

After an extensive review process during which they considered several potential vendors, the Novartis team chose B-COMM.
In addition to a direct interface to SAP, B-COMM™ offers many unique benefits:

  • Touch screen access with flexible display terminals
  • Traditional and Electronic HR capabilities
  • Standard hardware components that integrate with any PC
  • Quick delivery on large orders (Novartis was able to quickly install 150 terminals that track more than 4000 employees)
  • A dedicated Kaba Workforce Solutions team on-hand to conduct and troubleshoot all test installations

B-COMM™ was developed by Kaba Workforce Solutions specifically to enhance the functionality of SAP R/3. It is an out-of-the-box time management solution that interfaces perfectly with SAP R/3. Put simply, B-COMM™ saves you time, money and can help you enjoy success with your SAP HR Time Management module quickly and efficiently.

Kaba Workforce Solutions offers a full suite of time and labor management solutions ranging from touch screen access and shop floor terminals to complex labor costing algorithms. With more than 600 SAP customers, Kaba Workforce Solutions is SAP’s largest partner for time and labor management in the world.

If you’d like to learn more about how B-COMM™ or how any other Kaba Workforce Solutions’s time and labor management solutions can enhance your ERP system, please call us.

Kaba Workforce Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kaba Holding AG, a publicly traded company on the Swiss Stock Exchange, trading symbol KABAN.