Tenneco Automotive


When you need a proven, one-stop SAP integration solution...Kaba Workforce Solutions delivers

Matthew Carlson, Manager - SAP Development at Tenneco Automotive, had one question on his mind when he began looking for a software package to communicate with his brand new SAP Time Management module. How proven is your SAP interface?

Mr. Carlson finally got the answer he was looking for. Kaba Workforce Solutions, SAP’s largest time and labor partner in the world, has over 750 SAP customers using its complementary software and hardware - B-COMM™ for SAP R/3. The system met Tenneco’s functionality requirements, was SAP-certified, and had a successful track record with SAP Time Management. Moreover, Kaba Workforce Solutions had the manpower to install, test and be ready-to-go in just a few days.

Selection of B-COMM™ was based on:

  • Kaba Workforce Solutions expertise in the SAP marketplace
  • Kaba Workforce Solutions ability to fulfill Tenneco’s requirements, out of the box
  • Kaba Workforce Solutions product value and ability to grow with Tenneco
  • Kaba Workforce Solutions ease of installation and long-term support

Kaba Workforce Solutions B-COMM™ provides a complete, off-the-shelf system for interfacing with SAP’s HCM (Time Management) module. With B-COMM, SAP customers around the world can easily link to SAP’s state-of-the-art management module. Put simply, Kaba Workforce Solutions delivers SAP functionality to the shop floor.

If you’d like to learn more about how B-COMM™ for R/3 by Kaba Workforce Solutions can enhance your SAP interface or about any other Kaba Workforce Solutions product, call us.