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Kaba’s B-COMM® for PeopleSoft Time and Labor solution offers simple approach, resulting in over $1.34M in savings


Based in Hackensack, New Jersey, the Hackensack University Medical Center (HackensackUMC) is a pioneer in introducing innovation in technology solutions, processes, and services in the healthcare industry. Together with its parent company the Hackensack University Health Network, HackensackUMC’s services span hospitals throughout northern New Jersey. Recognized both locally and nationally for its services, HackensackUMC saw a need to take the next step in time and labor automation to address rising overtime costs and improve reporting. The goal was to find a system that could control where and how employees collected their time, while seamlessly integrating with Oracle’s PeopleSoft solution.

“The Kaba solution is non-complicated, user friendly and easy to maintain. It’s a solution that is configurable to automate the time collection for PeopleSoft” says Gary Wilhelm, IT Manager at HackensackUMC.

Business Needs

In 2011, HackensackUMC’s legacy clocks were nearing end-of-life and costs to upgrade or modify the system were significant. Coupled with the need for added flexibility and an interface to Oracle’s PeopleSoft system, HackensackUMC decided to review other available options in the market. With different software being used for employee time tracking and accounting, there was a lack of data integrity between systems, and the ability to easily report on the data was challenging. In considering available options, the HackensackUMC project team determined that the new system would need to:

  • Be a proven solution that could interface with Oracle’s PeopleSoft system
  • Provide ongoing Validation with PeopleSoft
  • Reduce incidental overtime by placing restrictions on the clocks
  • Improve the ease of reporting
  • Offer the capability of easy retrieval of historical data
  • Handle multiple job functions at the clock
  • Be easy to use for both technical and non-technical users
  • Be an innovative, evolving solution ready to adapt to changing market needs


Kaba’s B-COMM® for PeopleSoft Time and Labor offers a Validated interface with Oracle’s PeopleSoft, and automation of the collection of labor information. B-COMM for PeopleSoft Time and Labor also offers additional flexibility in its ability to restrict employee punches, so that employees cannot punch the clock prior to five minutes before the start of their shift. In year one, this simple concept of restricting time punches has resulted in significant and measurable savings to HackensackUMC.

“The value is in automated time collection, and the element of compliance that Kaba brings to the table – the ability to control when and where an employee punches is invaluable. Data provided [in B-COMM] made time collection easy. Employees became better educated on reporting time, and the restrictions on punching.” Frank Vilardo, Senior Systems Analyst at HackensackUMC

B-COMM for PeopleSoft includes additional features that met HackensackUMC’s project requirements:

  • Placed restrictions on clock-in/out methods, including on time clocks and IVR, reducing the cost of incidental overtime by $1,344,405 (based on a calculation of the reduction in actual incidental minutes against the employee’s overtime rate)
  • Increased compliance with federal time tracking regulations
  • Improved accuracy of error code recording, taking the guesswork out of determining the cause of employee punch issues
  • Reduced time spent manually comparing entries in PeopleSoft to employee timesheets
  • Added a useful Help message on Kaba terminals, so users needing assistance could easily find it

Members of Kaba’s team spent one month onsite in Hackensack, transitioning HackensackUMC from its legacy product to the Kaba B-COMM for PeopleSoft Time and Labor solution. “Kaba really was a stand up partner from the start. They deployed resources to make sure they understood the issues that were of critical importance to our project. They are a strategic partner that offered us support which still continues today,” said Lorraine Malfitano, Director of Payroll at HackensackUMC

The Kaba solutions are constantly evolving, and B-COMM for PeopleSoft Time and Labor is no exception. New features being added include the ability to download apps to the clocks, the addition of new languages to the clocks, an updated Validation with the newest version of PeopleSoft, and overall being a very progressive, innovative solution.