Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX


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B-web 96 00

Focus on Shop Floor Priorities, and Do Away With Unnecessary Administrative Tasks

Kaba b-comm ERP 5 - Microsoft Dynamics AX is a communication software that links your Microsoft Dynamics AX Shop Floor Control module to Kaba data collection terminals. This integration automates the process of shop floor data collection, and validates the data entered before sending it to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The solution communicates with the Shop Floor Control module via API’s which provide a secure, bi-directional flow of data.


  • Automated data collection and validation, which reduces time and expenses
  • Built-in validations eliminate delays and errors
  • Scalable and configurable
  • Real-time visibility of information
  • Customizable user interface
  • Compatible with a wide range of data collection devices
  • Ability to collect data, even when the system is offline, and automatically sync once the system is back online